About www.nume-copii-baieti.ro

What is nume-copii-baieti.ro?

nume-copii-baieti.ro is a free website, which provides an overview of masculine names, especially of Romanian ones, but also of all those related to them, starting from their origins, from their parent names (and from the cultures that gave birth to them), through the derived names, and how these names are used today.

What is the main purpose of www.nume-copii-baieti.ro?

nume-copii-baieti.ro website aims at gathering here all Romanian names but also all those related to them, together with an overview on their origin and significance.
The website gives you information about the boys names (men), by origin, where are they used, meaning, related names, numerology (destiny, the power of a name), number of views, etc.
But most importantly, the website aims at offering you a tool to allow you to browse through all related names, to have an overview of the links that exist between all the names we use.

What can you do?

Add new names on website through the section of proposals: add male names, navigate through the proposed names: male names list, enter every single name, navigate through related names, and if you like the information brought to you, recommend us to your friends.


We thank everyone who helps us daily, with precious feedback. Our website will continue in growing thanks to you, of the names you add on our website and of your valuable constant feedback. We try to take into account 100% of your opinions :-)

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